Training and Academic Division

Training is central to SLILG’s strategy of strengthening the institutional and management capabilities of Provincial and Local Level organizations to provide efficient and effective service to the people. Training programmes are being designed on the basis of training needs assessments done by the institute with the support of MDTUs and PCLGs. Relevant target groups are also identified before imparting training. Training programmes at provincial level are mainly conducted through MDTUs and Provincial Commissioners of Local Government based on the training modules developed by SLILG. Financial support and technical assistance are provided by the institute for the conduct of provincial programmes.

The functional responsibilities of the Training Division of the Institute are the following.

  • Promote Local Governance as a means of equitable and sustainable development.
  • Institutional Capacity Building of Provincial Councils and Local Authorities.
  • Capacity and capability building of provincial MDTUs.
  • Training for members ,officers and servants of Provincial Councils and Local  Authorities and to assist in building up of s cadre of competent Provincial and Local Government Officers and personnel in the country with a view to ensuring Good Governance

At present the training division of the Institute carries out the following activities relating to above responsibilities.

  • Assessment of Training Needs
  • Identification of target groups
  • Development of Training Manuals and Modules
  • Conduct Training of Trainers programmes
  • Arrange training programmes in key areas for members and staff of Provincial Councils and Local Government Institutions.
  • Conduct the National Level Diplomas /Certificate courses on Local Governance.
  • Disseminate information on Local Governance ,
    • Quarterly Newsletter (Tamil/Sinhala)
    • Governance Journal (Annually)
  • Establish and maintain an up to date Library on Local Governance.
  • Support and strength the MDTUs and PCLGs for conducting Provincial and Local Government training.
  • Co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate the training programmes conducted by MDTUs and PCLGs at local levels.