Research and Development Division

The Research & Development Division of the SLILG support Local Authorities & Provincial Councils by conducting Research & Surveys and dissemination of finding and recommendations for the policy making process to strengthen both the Local Government & Provincial Council sectors. Also the Division conducts capacity development programs based on the findings of the research studies conducted by the division.


  • To undertake promote and conduct Research on Local Government and Provincial Council sectors to improve the capacities.
  • Dissemination of Research findings among relevant Policy Makers & Implementing Agencies for Policy making process.
  • To unearth areas of Importance for new Research initiatives.
  • Documentation of Research outputs.
  • Publish Research findings relevant to Local Government & Provincial Councils.
  • Link with National as well as International Research Bodies in the area of Governance.
  • Link with the line Ministry to maintain a Data Base of Provincial Councils & Local Authorities.
  • Conducting courses/workshops on Research Methodology for relevant officials of the Local Government and Provincial Council sectors at National, Provincial & District levels to develop a research culture.
  • To provide awareness for Elected Members and Officials of Local Authorities and Provincial Councils based on the findings of the research studies.