Physical Planning Division

The Functions of Physical Planning division came in to operation in 2003. Having studied the needs and having assessed the requirements, module preparation was undertaken as a result of which training programmes were started from 2004. The division is headed by full time consultant and assisted by a Physical Planning Officer. Local authorities are maintained with the task of approving building plans. Identification of locations, efficient and rationalizes land use and Implementing the legislative provision for land use and building plans. The LAs are expected to prepare plans in keeping with UDA & NPPD Laws and reforms such awareness of a technical nature is called while most forgetting the human face in its application. Hence this division covers an important field of Local Government activities on a development nature.


According to the SLILG act No.31 f 1999, under the section three (3) define the functions of the institute. Out of those functions the following functions are related to the Physical Planning Division. The Divisional objectives will be performing the following actions for the well-being of the people live in the area.

  • To provide training to the members and officers and servants of provincial councils and Local authorities with view to equipping them to perform their official duties efficiently and effectively.
  • To undertake consultancy assignments in the field physical planning for provincial and local government.
  • To collaborate with other organizations in Sri Lanka or abroad having objects similar to those of the Institute & division.
  • To sponsor and hold conferences and seminars and to publish books and magazines, in the field of physical planning on provincial and local government.
  • To conduct, promote and assist research into aspects of physical planning for provincial and local government.