Legal and Legislative Affairs Division

The Legal and Legislative Affairs Division of SLILG is mandated to strengthen the legislative capacities of elected members and officials of Sub – National Government Institutions in Sri Lanka. The Provincial Councils and Local Authorities which constitute the Sub – National Government of the country derive their legal mandate by the respective governing legislations. Therefore the constitution, establishment, powers and functions of them have been built on a legislative foundation. It has been observed that, elected members and officials of PCs and LAs lack the legislative capacities namely drafting, reviewing, validation and approving By–Laws and Statutes as well as applying the prevailing laws in day to day activities. This has been identified as a major drawback which led PCs and LAs to face with wide range of legal issues, irregularities, malpractices and violation of laws.

The programs of the Legal and Legislative Affairs Division are specially designed having identified and assessed the present situation, training needs and requirements of PCs and LAs and to cater them effectively. Moreover a new program titled “Certificate Course on Local Government Law “ has been introduced in order to fill the existing knowledge gap of LAs on general laws of the country with a deeper emphasis on the Constitution, By–Laws, Administrative Law, Court Procedure and Council Affairs of LAs.

Having focused on the overall objective of strengthening legislative Capacities of PCs and LAs, the following specific objectives will be addressed by the division.


  • Legislative capacity development and knowledge enhancement of elected members and officials of Sub – National Government institutions.
  • To enhance the knowledge related to Governing Legislations of PCs and LAs, namely the 13th Amendment to the Constitution , The provincial Councils Act, The Municipal Councils Ordinance , The Urban Council Ordinance and the Pradeshiya Sabhas Act.
  • To provide a better understanding of the legal system and courts procedure to be adopted by PCs and LAs.
  • To enhance the knowledge on drafting and implementation of Statutes and By – Laws by the PCs & LAs respectively.
  • To provide a better understanding of the Supreme Law of the country (The Constitution) exercising of devolution of power and an overview of the general laws of the country.
  • Provide consultancy services to any Sub – National institution which requires legal advice.
  • Publish books, guidelines and other publications related to Local Government Law.
  • Assist the provincial training units to organize and conduct provincial level training programs.