General Management and Human Resource Division

The General Management Division of the SLILG is set up to enhance the managerial capabilities of the elected members and the staff of the Provincial Councils and the Local Government Institutions in Sri Lanka. The institutional strengthening programmes implemented under this division especially focus on the contemporary capacity building needs of the PCs and LAs.  Priority is given to raise the general awareness on devolution and good governance among political leaders, government officials and the civil society. In addition to the national level programs, customized programs too are to be introduced according to needs.

The action plan for every year is formulated after scrutinizing the best practices in local governance in the country as well as in the region. Especially the present situation and the existing capacity levels in the provincial councils and local authorities are taken into account.


  • Improve managerial capabilities of elected members and officials of Provincial Councils and Local Authorities for good governance
  • Strengthen the capacity of elected members and officials of PCs and LAs to improve their performances and changing attitudes to provide better public service to the community
  • Develop private public partnerships to eliminate any barriers for the development in sub national level
  • Improve the institutional efficiency, effectiveness and productivity to provide better service to general public and other customer satisfaction