Capacity Building Division

Capacity Building Division of Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance is entrusted the key role for Capacity Building Division task of Elected Members and Officials of Provincial Councils & Local Authorities.

During the past few years, Capacity Building Division   provided significant support and advice to Local Government Sector in many different ways. The Capacity Building Division believes that the attraction, preservation and development of high caliber people are a source of competitive advantage for Local Authorities to provide better service for the people as per the scope of their Vision and Mission. We Capacity Building Division sincerely look forward to strengthening Local Government Sector in the coming years by introducing various CAPACITY BUILDING DIVISION  programmes Activities and Consultancy services.


Conducting awareness, skill development and competency development training programmes at national level and provincial level for the capacity building of elected members and officials attached to Provincial Councils and Local Authorities.

  • Conducting Academic courses such as Certificate and Diploma courses for elected members and staff attached to Local Government Sector
  • Division undertakes special assignments and consultancy services related to capacity building of Local Government Sector.
  • Conducting training programmes on effective and cost-efficient service delivery mechanism for the Provincial Councils and Local Authorities to achieve their objectives.
  • Support Provincial Councils and Local Authorities to maintain good employee relationships
  • Provide need-based training for Provincial Councils and Local Authorities
  • Support Provincial Councils and Local Authorities to Foster a climate of team building and high productivity

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division

The Information & Communication Technology Division which is responsible for management of the Information and communication including websites, Local Area Network, Performance Monitoring System, Databases, and Computer Hardware and Software Management, ICT Procurement Administration and involved with various reform oriented ICT capacity Building Programmes.


  • Provision of email and internet service to the staff of the SLILG
  • Development and Maintenance of the Institute website
  • Maintenance of the computers and Local Area Network of the Institute
  • Training of the Local Authority staff to increase the IT literacy
  • Distribution of official information email and internet
  • Providing IT based services to the Ministry of PC & LG and Local Authorities
  • Technical Assistance on   ICT capacity building.

ICT Division conducts several training activists on various ICT disciplines both practical and theory.