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Engineering division

Engineering divisions of Local Authorities and Provincial Councils are very important divisions for general public. Any construction or maintenance work in the area always benefits the local population. The reason for this is that the development of infrastructure in the rural areas has a direct impact on their livelihood and day-to-day life. Keeping these Engineering Divisions well informed on the techniques and methods to be adopted in the execution of civil works and in procurements are of paramount importance as the engineering services of the PC s and the LAs have direct bearing on peoples’ lives. Therefore, Engineering division of SLILG has a very vital role to play in this regard. The technical capacities of Local Authority Technical divisions have to be developed and upgraded to meet these challenges. As a measure of achieving the above tasks, the training, research and consultancy programs are provided through the Engineering Division of SLILG for Technical Staff of local authorities and provincial councils. Finally, it is expected to provide better rural road networks, better buildings for essential services, effective water supply schemes and environment friendly solid waste management systems for the general public.  

  • Capacity developmen &  knowledge enhancement for provincial engineers on contract administration, procurement, financial regulations.
  • Providing training for technical officers in PCs.
  • Training and Capacity Development of Work Supervisors (SW) 
  • Organizing and conducting training programs for the technical and engineering staff of LAs and PCs at National Level and Provincial Level.  
  • Training programs for technical officers on legal frame work and solid waste management
  • Training of newly recruited technical officers.
  • Introduction of community based approach for rural road construction and rural water supply.